Bankers eCampus Training Series

  BSA Training Package 2018 
Your one stop for BSA Officer Training Needs! This twelve part series will cover all of the hot topics facing your financial institutions bank secrecy challenges. Topics covered include SARs, CIP and CDD updates, CTRs, financial crimes, high risk products and transactions, money services businesses, training plans, BSA auditing, preparing for the BSA exam, and more!
  New Accounts Series 2018 
Use this New Accounts Series as a guide to get the most complete training and education experience on important topics such as signature cards, IRS name matching, opening a variety of accounts, including nonresident aliens, high risk customers and limited liability companies. Each session can be purchased independently or purchase all twelve sessions for a deeper understanding of the new accounts process.

  BSA Staff Training Package 2018 
This six part series can be used to meet all of your institutions annual training requirements for BSA.

  IRA & HSA Training Series 2018 
This twelve part series will touch on all of the aspects your financial institution faces in opening and closing IRAs and HSAs. Topics covered include basic information, updates and reviews of regulation changes, what to do when your account holder moves money or dies, auditing, reporting, compliance and tools for success.