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25 Errors on Beneficial Ownership
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.0 Credit Hours

New rules on beneficial ownership are in effect. Now what? You have frontline staff and officers making mistakes on the form. What are the common errors? How do we prevent them? What are the regulator expectations? This program is designed to straighten out the good, the bad and the ugly with beneficial ownership certification and CIP. Session topics include: 25 Common Errors; Changes since its implementation; Renewals, rollovers, ... Details
Alert! FFIEC Issues New CDD and Beneficial Ownership Exam Procedures
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) today issued new examination procedures on the final rule, “Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions,” issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) on May 11, 2018.
These examination procedures apply to banks, savings and loan associations, savings associations, credit unions, and branches, agencies, and representative offices... Details
Alert! FinCEN Releases New FAQs on Beneficial Ownership

Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.0 Credits

During this webinar we will cover all the new FAQs on beneficial ownership and customer due diligence. Finally, answers on drilling down, renewals, CTRs, existing customers and more. Don’t miss this chance for a final look at your procedures before it goes into effect on May 11, 2018.

Topics Covered
• Clarification on drilling down multi layers for owners on businesses
• Clarification on renewals for... Details
Alert! New SAR Line-by-Line
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

FinCEN has issued a notice to e-filers that announces an update to the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filing format, to go live in June 2018. The announcement says that the revisions adhere to the changes listed in FinCEN's February 2, 2017, Federal Register notice. Beginning with the new SAR filings, batch submissions will have to be made in an XML-based file, rather than in the current ASCII fixed-length delimited file format.... Details
Beneficial Ownership Bundle - ON SALE NOW!
The Beneficial Ownership Bundle contains three webinars, regularly priced at $567, on sale now for only $399!

This bundle includes the following webinars:

1. Alert! FFIEC Issues New Customer Due Diligence and Beneficial Ownership Examination Procedures.

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) today issued new examination procedures on the final rule, “Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial... Details
BSA Beneficial Ownership for the Frontline

Webinar | 40 Minutes

New FAQs from FinCEN provide answers to renewals, existing customers and drilling down.

New Bank Secrecy Act Rules go into effect May 11, 2018. These new regulations add rules on beneficial ownership of legal entities and new fifth pillar for BSA. During this webinar we will explain the new Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rules line by line to your staff.

Topics Covered
• Key definitions of legal entities... Details
BSA Emerging Issues
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.0 CE Credits

During this program we will take a look at the 2019 issues for BSA. High risk members, using the new SAR, developing good new account practices for risk. From Risk Assessments to CTRs, this webinar will cover the BSA key components that are emerging as issues this year. We will look at new areas of crime and current advisories.

What You Will Learn
• Risk assessments
• Know Your Member
• Developing... Details
BSA Exam Hot Spots
During this webinar, we will look at the top exam issues for 2018 and focus on avoiding the mishaps of poor planning on your examination. This program will move through some of the "hot spots" for BSA this year and help you stay clear of traps from the examination process.

Program Highlights
• Beneficial ownership on legal entities
• Drilling down on business structures
• High risk customers
• New SAR
• New CTR issues
• Risk... Details
BSA Training for Operations
Webinar | 1 Hour | CE Credits: 1.25

Consider the following scenarios:
• A young student comes into your branch every Friday and deposits cash.
She then wires funds to a foreign country. Later you learn she was a suspect
in an international terrorist operation.
• In ACH, unusual deposits are hitting an account with no apparent
business purpose.
• A business employee is depositing funds from the business into a
personal... Details
BSA/AML Software: Testing Model Validity and Data Integrity
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

BSA/AML surveillance monitoring can enhance your program and help you become more efficient in managing your responsibilities. These efficiencies can only occur if you have the correct models set up and if the models are set up correctly. If your system is incorrectly mapped or your reasoning behind your models is faulty, this can lead to an overall inadequate BSA/AML compliance program. Have you performed a validation of your BSA ... Details
Business Account Mapping: New CDD Rules in a Multi-Tiered Business Environment
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.0 CE Credits

Learn how to open multi-tiered business accounts. Complex business structures with multiple business entities owners present unique challenges in light of new Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rules. We will diagram and map out several complicated business structures and learn how to get the proper documentation, resolutions and beneficial ownership in these unique entities.

Webinar Highlights:
• Case Study #1 An... Details
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Originally, you wrote your CIP in 2003. Is it time to change? If you have any of the questions below, we will explore changing your CIP in light of new systems, processes and technology in 2018. Your program should shift with the new technologies and identifications in the market place. This program will look line-by-line at the regulation and point out avenues of change to explore in 2018.

If there is an elephant ... Details
High Risk Products - Prepaid Cards, Remote Deposit Capture, Mobile Banking, P2P Payments
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

High Risk Products and Transactions - A Look at Risk

New exciting technologies bring new BSA/AML risk and exposure. This webinar will look at how to add these products to your account holder relationship while managing and mitigating the new risk. As BSA Officer, you will need to change your risk assessment, change your policy and increase internal controls to make sure these products and services are not used for... Details
Is Your Account Holder Hiding Money?
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Schemes involving business emails, real estate, perfume and electronics in today's criminal market.

Does your account holder hide money? If so why? Is there a family issue such as gambling or divorce? Or is the account holder hiding money from the government? This program is designed to help you detect the how, where and why of hiding money and how it can be incredibly important to your BSA program. This program... Details
Making a Training Plan for BSA
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

The Bank Secrecy Act examination process requires training and education on anti-money laundering and other aspects of the law. In recent examinations, we have been asked to tailor the training to the job. It is important to come to the realization that BSA education is not “one size fits all”. Often there are complaints from lenders that this education does not apply to them. That may be true if you are trying to teach the... Details
Money Service Businesses
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Does your financial institution have NBFI’s and/or MSB’s as account holders? Is it a challenge to identify those account holders, assess the potential risks they pose to your institution, and monitor those accounts on an ongoing basis? Designing and implementing an effective BSA/AML compliance program that incorporates an effective means of identifying and monitoring these accounts can be difficult.

Topics... Details
Opening Accounts for High Risk Customers
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Today’s decision to bank or not to bank high risk customers has been called a movement to de-risk. De-risking means to choose not to bank a whole group of customers. This process is being criticized as perhaps not being in the best interests of the country since there will be groups who find it difficult to find banking services. It may send industries into virtual currency and cash which make them less transparent. Perfect... Details
Opening Accounts for Marijuana Related Businesses: CIP, CDD, Risk and Monitoring

Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours

More than 35 states now have marijuana statutes of some sort. Are you going to bank this industry? How will you bank this industry? What is going on at the federal level? All of these questions will be addressed during this program on how to bank marijuana related businesses (MRBs) and the risk it entails. Don’t miss this program it is a must for those in the 33 states and those who are pending. We will cover pending or final federal... Details
PEPs, NRAs, MRBs, TPPPs, and Other High Risk BSA Account Holders

Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Opening Account Procedures and Monitoring the Transactions

Your financial institution is full of account holders who require many types of services. The BSA exam identifies many services and account holders as high risk for money laundering. We will cover the high risk account holders and services listed in the BSA exam manual and begin to see their impact into our AML program. We will look at what makes... Details
Preventing and Detecting Elder Fraud
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.00 CE Credits

Older adults can be attractive targets for financial exploitation and may be taken advantage of by scam artists, financial advisors, family members, caregivers, or home repair contractors. Recent studies suggest that financial exploitation is the most common form of elder abuse and that only a small fraction of incidents is reported. Older adults often are targeted because they have retirement savings, accumulated home equity, or... Details
Writing Business Accounts Procedures With CDD

Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Implementing new Customer Due Diligence rules will impact your new business accounts procedures. This webinar will give you step-by-step written procedures guidelines and workbook for these new rules. The opening of multi-tiered business accounts and the determination of beneficial ownership and exemptions will be an important part of the new account business account process. Learn from A to Z the best practices for opening... Details