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Webinar | 1 1/2 Hour | 2.00 CE Credits

Professional maturity isn’t tied to age like the name might suggest. Instead, professional maturity relates specifically to how one acts and reacts on the job. It is acquired through the development of a rich combination of self-awareness, self-evaluation and personal insight on how to respond and act according to circumstances. It is observable; something you can see or hear.

When demonstrated, professional maturity... Details
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.0 CE Credits

Do you frustrate over the employee who shows low energy on the job? Do you look at a few of your teammates in the workplace and think they are just showing up for a paycheck? When was the last time you found yourself at the end of your rope trying to engage an employee? It's time to tune into this webinar that explores how to engage the employee who isn't pulling his or her fair share of the load.

There is no magic ... Details
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hour | CE Credits: 2.0

The How-To Cross-Sell Webinar for the Call Center and the Front Line

Branch personnel and call center agents typically interact with more account holders every day than anyone else in your financial institution. It makes sense that financial institutions expect high foot traffic locations and high call volume points of contact help to generate quality referrals that lead to product and service sales. Yet staff... Details