Check Cashing Issues for Today's Front Line
Check Cashing Issues for Today's Front Line
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours

Every day in the financial industry we negotiate checks. These include personal checks, business checks, cashier's checks; payable to individual payees and non-individual payees. There are so many rules to follow when negotiating checks. How do you know you are in compliance?

This webinar will cover check cashing issues you see daily as well as trickier situations you may have rarely seen.

Program Highlights
• Cashing checks payable to multiple parties: The “and/or” question
• What to do when the check is payable to an individual and a business
• Checks payable to a business: Can you cash them?
• Cashing checks payable to a DBA: Do or don’t?
• How do you handle checks payable to minors?
• Should you negotiate items payable to a deceased person?
• What does FBO mean?
• Do you have to cash U.S. Treasury checks for non-customer?
• Credit card advance checks: How to handle
• How to handle a check payable to a nickname
• When can a custodian cash checks against a fiduciary account?
• What is considered valid identification?
• When do you file a CTR?
• They used to have an account and they owe money…Can you refuse to cash the check?
• And more…

Who should attend?
This informative session is designed for Tellers, New Accounts Representatives, Customer Service Representatives, and anyone else who opens or manages deposit account relationships.

Gabrielle Reed joined Gettechnical Inc. as an associate trainer in 2014. She brings with her over 23 years of banking, training and retail experience. From teller to branch operations, she has done it all. Her last position in training was at MidSouth, a large community financial institution in Louisiana. Before joining MidSouth, she was with Wachovia Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to her banking career, she worked in the management and training department for a regional drug store. She brings a practical hands-on approach to deposit training which is a benefit to all her students.