Critical Issues on Cashier's Checks
Critical Issues on Cashier's Checks
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.00 CE Credits

Cashier’s checks are considered one of the safest forms of physical payment around, second only to cash in today’s world. Knowing how to handle cashier’s checks is an important part of a banker's daily life. Understanding how to properly issue cashier’s checks, as well as how to negotiate them, will make daily operations run more smoothly for you. This webinar will cover many critical and basic issues surrounding these payment instruments that anyone who handles them needs to know, as well as some seldom seen situations.

Program Highlights
•Cashier’s check, teller check, or official check: What is the difference?
•How to draw a cashier’s check: What information do you need?
•Can a cashier’s check be payable to cash?
•Should a cashier’s check be issued to a non-customer?
•Can you cash a cashier’s check for a non-customer?
•What is the expiration/stale date for a cashier’s check?
•Drawing on available funds when issuing
•Can the account holder re-deposit the check once it is issued?
•Reg CC: Can a hold be placed on a cashier’s check?
•Completing the monetary instrument log
•Cashier’s check fraud issues
•And more…

Who should attend?
This informative session is designed for tellers, new accounts representatives, customer service representatives, and anyone who opens or manages deposit account relationships.

Gabrielle Reed joined Gettechnical Inc. as an associate trainer in 2014. She brings with her over 23 years of banking, training and retail experience. From teller to branch operations, she has done it all. Her last position in training was at MidSouth, a large community financial institution in Louisiana. Before joining MidSouth, she was with Wachovia Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to her banking career, she worked in the management and training department for a regional drug store. She brings a practical hands-on approach to deposit training which is a benefit to all her students.