BSA Officer's Toolkit
BSA Officer's Toolkit
The BSA Officer Tool Box is full of goodies for the BSA executive. It has been recently updated for the new SAR and CTR. It contains resources for training, audit, policy and more. You will get more than your paid for with these best buy in 2018-2019 tool.

Some of the tools you will receive:

Training Resources:
Six updated power points for you to use to fulfill your training requirements. Just load them and do the training. Allows you to add to the slide particular policies and procedures of your institution.
• BSA Staff
• BSA Lenders
• BSA Operations
• BSA Lenders
• BSA Officer PPT
• BSA Director Training

Policy Checklist:
Extensive policy checklist which uses the FFIEC BSA AML Examination manual to run through what you should have in your policy.

FFIEC Exam Manual and Regulation:
Searching for something in the exam manual and the regulation has never been so easy as with the word version of these documents.

New CTR Handbook:
The New CTR Handbook and all the examples of how to fill out the CTR is now updated for the current CTR.

New SAR Handbook:
Completely updated with new instructions for the new SAR.

Money Service Businesses:
State specific laws and licensing requirements

Audit Worksheet:
This 70 page audit worksheet has been updated for new beneficial ownership and risk. Add it to your audit process in 2018-2019.