IRA Bundle
The IRA Bundle contains three webinars, regularly priced at $567, on sale now for only $399!

This bundle includes the following webinars:

1. IRAs: The Products.

This IRA webinar is designed for those new to IRAs or is a great review for those who have been in the business for a while. It addresses the purpose of IRAs, the role IRAs play in an account holder’s retirement strategy and all the different types of IRAs and their eligibility requirements. This webinar will include information on contributions and distributions as well as death distributions. Attendees will leave with less apprehension about their responsibilities and compliance issues for opening IRAs at the financial institution.

2. IRAs: Rollovers, Transfers and Other Movements.

This IRA webinar is designed for those who work with customers or members to move IRA funds. It is designed for new account specialists and IRA administrators to help your financial institution “get it right” when a customer/member is moving money to your institution. This detailed webinar will take each type of movement and walk you right through how it should be done.

3. IRA Distributions and Reporting

In this IRA webinar, we will work on the distribution side of the IRA as well as the reporting codes and transactions for the 1099 and 5498 series for each type of IRA account. You will learn how to do all kinds of distributions from the IRA, from premature to normal distributions. We will cover the reporting and the penalties your customer/member may face if this is done improperly. We will work some 70 ½ problems and make sure that your financial institution is ready to go for this year’s distributions. We will also discuss how the IRS wants you to report distributions, contributions, correct errors and report balances.
Discounted member price: 567.00